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Airdesk advanced automation
Airdesk advanced automation

WAN Management service

Our WAN Management service provides everything you need for enterprise-wide management of wide area networks.

Subscribe to our service and we will monitor and fix your WAN routers, firewalls, VPN and remote access gateways round the clock.

We provide:

  1. the monitoring and alerting systems
  2. an incident and request response service
  3. technical support for faults and changes.

The WAN Management service is a full-featured service suitable for large and medium sized enterprises. It supports:

  • 24 hr operations
  • co-ordination with your telecoms service providers
  • site-to-site VPN and client VPN (e.g. Cisco AnyConnect, Citrix Access Gateway etc.)
  • hosting of your hub network infrastructure in our secure data centre facilities
  • remote site infrastructure monitoring (e.g. UPS, server, switch) as well as networks
  • monitoring of service availability and performance over the network (e.g. remote access; webmail)
  • technical support for routing, switching, VPN, optimization, traffic shaping etc.

The Airdesk WAN Management service enables you to achieve faster and more cost-effective resolution of network problems. It is especially suited to international organizations without 24 hr technical cover, providing support to end users and remote offices out of hours.

For any questions about how we can meet your requirements, please contact us.

Our Partners..
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • EMC
  • Gemalto
  • Microsoft
  • Six Degrees
  • Symantec
  • VMware
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