High Performance

Work is being of value to other people. The workplace is where we create value.

Airdesk specialises in creating the high performance workplace: fast; reliable; easy to use; and secure.

Architecture and Design

We know that you need an architecture for the workplace, to make a convincing business case and to develop the programme plan. And you need high-level and low-level designs before you implement. But we also know that good architecture and design is the expression of a coherent guiding idea and not a substitute.

The high performance workplace has a skilful blend of technologies that combines competing attributes: easy to use but still secure; fast but affordable; reliable but kept up to date. We often see a workplace that is one but not the other.

Organisations have many common requirements for the workplace, but they each have a unique take on the right balance of these attributes. It is not a question of "vision" or "principles". These are often generic. It is a question of your unique type of work as an organisation and what mix of tools enables you to work most productively.

We can save you time and money in developing your workplace architecture and design. A generic process adds little value. Instead we can work with you to understand and develop the guiding idea, and then to express it in high-quality architecture and design.

Build and Migrate

With high-quality design, the build phase can be remarkably rapid. It can take only a few weeks to implement large-scale workplace infrastructure like a gold image, virtual desktop, personalisation, e-mail and messaging, service desk, MDM and all the other components of the workplace.

Migration is often on the critical path in a workplace transformation programme. It is best to make an early start with preparation and testing, and there is no substitute for skill and experience.

We do the build and migration for:

  • Virtual desktop with Citrix and VMware
  • Office 365 with Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Yammer and OneDrive
  • Desktops, laptops and smartphones rollout
  • Self-service and workflow
  • Applications, user data and accounts, security and distribution groups
  • Remote access, two-factor authentication and PKI solutions

Technical Support

Sometimes you need to fix the workplace you already have. We specialise in the technical analysis and resolution of complex challenges. We work at the packet and process level to understand the reason for the behaviours you experience, and to provide the most effective workaround or solution.

  • Application performance and faults
  • Virtual desktop performance
  • WAN performance, QoS, traffic shaping
  • Active Directory, Group Policy
  • Packaging and virtualisation for difficult applications
  • etc....