About Us

We are a technical consultancy specialising in workplace and related technologies. Our aim is to provide you with the skills and experience to make a success of your workplace projects and programmes.

We design and implement large-scale workplace solutions:

  • 10,000+ user global desktop deployment with Office 365
  • 2,500+ concurrent user Citrix implementation of published apps
  • 1,500+ user specialist legal workbench on VMware VDI
  • 500+ applications packaged or virtualised
  • Azure AD, Office 365, Intune, Zscaler cloud workplace
  • and many more solutions: remote access; two-factor authentication; encryption; Identity; PKI; service monitoring and management etc.

Most of our clients are multi-national or global. We are used to working with the complexity this brings, like language, regulatory constraints and time zones.

We are fortunate to have long term relationships with our clients. We mostly work with them on different projects on and off over a period of years as their workplace evolves. We are happy to provide personal references on request.

We also help our clients with high-value troubleshooting. This is where a fault has become a significant problem. You can call us about any problem, at any time. No need for a contract. We will take a look and tell you if we can help.

Many of our clients have large long-term contracts with service providers. These contracts can provide low-cost operations, but often not the agility, creativity and technical skills for a workplace transformation programme. We are very experienced at working successfully with service providers, including offshore.

We are independent of any vendor. Mostly we work with one of the top two or three vendors in any field.

Anthony Yates